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Turn Around for Tommy Transformative Equine Experience

A Perpetual Scholarship has been created to honor the life of Thomas Edward Mahalchick III.

The mission of the program is to help individuals and families to navigate a variety of life challenges related to issues such as substance use, addiction, trauma and loss.

This program aims to provide an opportunity to work in partnership with horses, process feelings, and explore new coping skills. All this in the safe, supportive, and tranquil setting found at HorseSense Therapeutic Riding Center in Howell, NJ.

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I believe every child has a special gift that can be brought into
the light through his
or her relationship with a horse.
~Loree Mahalchick

Loving Horses. Specially Trained Instructors. Peaceful Setting.

Some Challenges Our Riders Face. . .

We understand that every challenge, every person, is unique. We patiently work with and children and adults who have autism, brain injuries, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, behavioral issues, down-syndrome, and developmental delays.

We also work with at-risk youth, victims of violence, veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and students with many other mental health challenges such as ADD, ADHD, or Bipolar Disorder.


What Riding and Caring for Horses
Teaches Us






Overcoming fear


My Advice is:
You always have to keep persevering.

– Temple Grandin

What Parents Are Saying...



We love HorseSense and Loree! With her time and patience each week, my daughter has gained so much self confidence, learned so much about  all the animals. We love coming to the farm.



My daughter Angela has been taking lessons for nearly two years. She loves horses, and has gained confidence  and skills to help her physical growth. She feels a special bond with Bridget, a retired Pacer. 



Loree shows the purest love to all the animals. My first lesson Loree talked me through it, and I got it on my first try! I felt nervous but she told me to always remain stable and calm. The experience of being on the farm is so beautiful.

Loree's Story

Horses are incredibly sensitive animals in tune with their surroundings, and willing to teach good HorseSense to anyone willing to learn.

When I was a girl, I loved to ride any chance I had, anywhere my parents would let me, such as summer fairs. When I got married, every place we went on vacation I would ride. 


I got my first horse, Gala, when I was 35. She and her wonderful trainer “Buttons” got me started, and taught me everything I know. I began giving riding lessons, and “fell” into therapeutic riding without realizing how many families I was helping. 


My daughter Tiffany, 9 years old at the time, wanted a horse. As a parent, I wanted to make her happy, and let her find her own level of comfort. So we brought Nala into our family. Tiffany was shy, and Nala gave her the strength and courage not to be afraid. As Tiffany learned to ride, she became more confident, and more outgoing.  I believe Tiffany would not have attended college were it not for the confidence she gained in herself from learning to ride. 


When Tiffany got into college, she took a class and realized what I was actually doing was teaching therapeutic riding. She said to me “mom, this can be a business.”  So I pursued a certification as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor. 


Every horse is a life adventure, a journey. It’s not about riding a few times, then you're an expert. Every day there is something new to learn. For every child, every ride is an adventure, and a journey.


Road to Yesabilities!

A Few of Our Riders. . .

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